"The Adorini Cedarwood spills for Cigars come in an elegant glass tube, each containing 25 pieces, perfect for lighting cigars in a stylish and classic manner. Made from genuine cedarwood, they emit a captivating aroma of cedarwood, enhancing the smoking experience.
Each cedarwood spill measures 16.5 cm in length and is optimally sized to ensure even ignition of your cigar foot. The tubes are sealed with an airtight and waterproof seal to prevent any moisture from penetrating during transport or storage.
These cedarwood spills are an ideal addition to cigar lounges, hotels, and bars. They also serve as excellent complements for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and other events, enriching the ambiance with this accessory. Of course, they are also a cherished gift for any cigar enthusiast.

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Adorini The Real Cigar Cedar Spills

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