Format: Double Corona
Storlek: 222 x 19,05 mm (48)
Låda: 10 st.

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Taste Experience
The Davidoff Aniversario No. 1 double corona with its impressive size allows for a pronounced development of all three parts of the cigar, during which the blend's sophisticated taste is brought out nicely. In the first third, herbal aromas complement warm notes of cedar wood and cream. Moving on, citrus and fresh spice are dominated by savoury notes of roasted nuts. As the cigar approaches its grand finale, hints of fresh spice harmonise with flavours of walnuts and cedar wood.

Story behind the cigar
Davidoff's brand history is rich in exceptional cigar innovations and iconic achievements. One of those was the Aniversario No. 1, back in its day created to celebrate Zino Davidoff's 80th birthday in 1986. Today, Davidoff re-rolls its cigar history and brings back this beloved cigar as Aniversario No. 1 Limited Edition Collection.

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Davidoff - Aniversario No. 1 Limited Edition Collection

  • Tillverkare: Davidoff
  • Artikelnummer:Dav58
  • Tillgänglighet:5
  • 999.00kr

  • Exkl moms:799.20kr

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