Format: Toro
Storlek: 152 x 20,64 mm (52)
Låda: 10 st.

"Seleccíon de Mercado is Spanish for “Market Selection” and is a name that Drew Estate chose that hearkens back to the practice of selecting wrapper leaves for certain national markets by color designation. For Seleccíon de Mercado, Drew Estate selected only Connecticut Criollo capa leaves that are carefully processed to deliver a stunningly beautiful reddish-brown, or rosado, hue. The end result is a cigar that is robust in flavor but slightly less full-bodied than other Liga expressions. This rosado capa surrounds a blend of Mexican San Andres capote and tripa tobaccos from Nicaragua and Pennsylvania. With an unfinished foot and the Cola de Pescado (fishtail) head, Seleccíon de Mercado is made by only Drew Estate’s top buncheros and rolleras and is available only in markets outside the United States.

Liga Privada 10 Seleccíon de Mercado is handcrafted to highlight the bold characteristics of a specially curated Connecticut Criollo capa leaf that’s lovingly grown by one farmer in the famed Connecticut River Valley exclusively for Drew Estate.

Celebrating the unrivaled artistry of the entire Liga Privada line, Seleccíon de Mercado firmly sets another jewel into Liga Privada’s crown by presenting a bold, but deeply-balanced, and sophisticated cigar with a hint of pepper, and luxuriously rich espresso notes that complement the Connecticut Criollo’s full earthy side."

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Drew Estate - Liga Privada 10 Seleccion de Mercado Toro Limited Edition

  • Tillverkare: Drew Estate
  • Artikelnummer:Dre17
  • Tillgänglighet:12
  • 284.00kr

  • Exkl moms:227.20kr

  • 10 eller mer 258.00kr